P R O F I L E 

  Company details
  • Business area : LubricantsiWire drawing oilsEPress and Pipe drawing oilsEAnti-rust agentsELubricantsf conditionersECleaning agents , etc.jmanufacturing and sales.
  • President : Kotaro Takahama
  • Foundation : August 1,  1957
  • Address : 245-0053@QOVX-V Kamiyabe-cho Totsuka-Ku, Yokohama City, Japan
  • TEL : +81 045-813-3651^FAX : +81 045-813-3775

@ Introduction
  • Japan Lublight Ltd. was established in Kanagawa-Ku, Yokohama City in 1957. We started manufacturing of the drawing oil (water solubility lubricant) for the electric wire that applied the newest surfactant in the field of organic chemistry and the rust prevention chemicals. Upon Yokohama.city development.plan(MM21), we was confronted with vibration problems for our research and development and moved into present Totsuka-Ku place to accomplish better technology.

  • Our main product is water soluble metal deformation oil for making electric wire and we also produce metal working fluids, anti-rust agents, cleaning agents and metal surface reforming chemicals. We have original technology of water solubility and meet customerfs demand to upgrade their quality by developing their original lubricants. (Brand : LUBLIGHT ®)

@ R & D
  • We value that products should have high efficiency while technical supports are based on understanding of their characteristics. So our product development concept is that our customers use our products with confidence.
  • Since the foundation, we early invited cooperation between industry and the academic world in doing surface-chemistry and we put forward a theory of working mechanism of water soluble lubricant which is the best theory in this field till now.(J. Japan Petol. 25, No. 6, 1982)
  • We explain our technical data to the people other than specialized field as can understanding. Please refer to our data.

Our company works in cooperation with the machine engineer and builder and die manufacturer etc. to shape up the concept of tribology (friction, lubrication etc.).

@ Sales
  • We are rated high in foreign countries and many customers understand very well and use our product for us.

@ Environment management
  • Our products are made by natural oils/fats and soap is a main component and this can avoid drain on natural resource. We can expect restriction of environmental problems will become sever in the future and have to have heavy responsibility to next generation.
  • We aim to make the ecologically friendly product.

@ Brand name origin
  • Our brand gLULBIGHTh is a compound word of Lubricant and Bright and has meaning of gBright lubricantsh. We will do our best to develop good product to support customers.